Back to ArcGIS 9.4

Now the holidays are over.  I’ve got to get back to testing ArcGIS 9.4…….  So far I have it up and running on a spare workstation with XP Pro.  The interface has changed quite a bit from the familiar ArcMap we have been used to since 8.3!  I think they (ESRI) have supposedly rewritten everything from scratch – hence the the dropping of VBA.  You can install VBA on it (not supported tho), and the Macro/VBA editor comes up at least.  I created an app that is used throughout the state and haven’t turned it into dot net yet – still VBA thru an MXD (quick updates/corrections/fixes).  Alas, the app does not run in 9.4!  My plan is to see if it is a lost cause.  All will be moot when I get the app ported to a VB or C dll.  Fridays are always my server/hardware/networking tweaking days, but maybe today it will be app compatibility day!